Adoption is our ultimate goal! If you are interested in adopting, please indicate "Adoption" on the Survey, so we can help match you with the right kitten or cat. 

We think every cat deserves a home and every home is enhanced by having a cat - or three.


Fosters generously open their hearts and homes to care for kitties of all ages.  If you want to volunteer to foster, please start selecting "Foster" in the survey.

Adoption Bliss

There is nothing that compares with the joy of bringing home one of these amazing creatures!

Foster Joy

Fostering means falling in love over and over and loving them enough to send them on to their forever homes. 

Adoption FAQ

Where can I see the cats available for adopting?

Most of our adoptable cats are housed in the adoption room at the  Lynnwood PetSmart.  Some cats are adopted directly from their foster home. 

 Currently available cats for adoption 

Can I walk into Lynnwood PetSmart and adopt today?

We found limiting the number of visitors during the day reduces the stress and creates a healthier environment for the cats. You can watch the cats through the window and read about available cats in the binder outside the adoption room. 

How do I make an appointment

We make appointments to meet the cats. Please fill out this form so we can help you find your match.

If you click with a kitty at your appointment, you can complete the application on site or take it home and email it to us.  It can take a few days to process applications. We will make a second appointment after it's approved to complete the adoption paperwork and take your cat home.  

What are the top things to consider before adopting?


Foster FAQ

Who Needs Fostering?

We welcome a wide range of rescues: 

What is the expected duration of Fostering?

The kittens/cats could need a foster home for 2-3 weeks or 2-3 months depending on their age and circumstances. Fill out the Interest Form to discuss your bandwidth for fostering. 

Can I adopt a cat I foster?

We call this a "foster win" and we are delighted when foster homes become forever homes.

I've never fostered before. What do I need to do?

Start with the Foster Survey and we can discuss what might work best for you. 


What do you require from Foster parents? 

Adam's County Pet Rescue is our primary shelter partner.