Veterinary bills and medical expenses are our #1 expense, year after year.

What Does My Donation Cover? 

$15 = 1 viral test kit, 2 handmade fleece blankets

$20 = 1 bag of adult food, 1 bag of kitten formula

$45 = Low-cost neuter/spay

$50 = Per case infant cat food, foster medical kit

😽   Thank you for helping us maintain operations and care for these lovely creatures.  🐱

Preventative medicine is the best treatment!

Many kittens and cats arrive with health concerns 

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More FAQ's

What does my adoption fee cover?

Adoption fees go to Adam’s County Pet Rescue. The fee helps cover the costs of worming, vaccines, spay/neuter, microchipping, and viral testing.  These  expenses are all incurred by the shelter before adoption.

Do the cats belong to PetSmart?

No. PetSmart has a corporate commitment to provide space for rescues organizations to house and showcase cats for adoption.  They provide the infrastructure and a safe location for us. They are in no way legally connected to the rescue or otherwise associated with the adoption process.

How does Whiskers in Need stay operational?

We have an incredible group of volunteers who dedicate their most precious resource to our efforts: their time.  In addition to the day-to-day cat care, our volunteers maintain our social media sites, conduct fundraising activities in the community such as yard sales, online birthday donation drives, manage fundraising efforts through WA Gives, and donate their own hard earned money.

Where will my donation go? 

Our wish lists show some of the items we need on a daily basis to help the cats survive and thrive.  Our #1 expense is medical care. We see a lot of URI's, UTI's, ringworm, giardia, coccidia, other parasites, failure to thrive, some calici, panleukopenia, FIP, or FeLV, and less frequently we cover surgical procedures such as amputations or enucleations. We have connections with excellent vets who give great care to our cats and kittens with special needs but it all comes at a cost. WIN covers the costs of formula, syringes, bottles, specialized nipples, heating discs, bedding, litter, food, medications, and carriers for foster care. We cover everything the cats in the adoption room need outside of the litter and basic dry food donated by Petsmart.

How else can I get involved?

Volunteer, foster, donate, visit our Facebook or Instagram pages to interact and share the stories of the cats waiting for homes, or create a fundraiser for WIN. Everything helps!