Our Volunteers Make It Happen!

 Please tell us about your availability and area of interest here.

SCHEDULE INFO: Volunteers work in 2 hour shifts between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. in the adoption room. You can sign up for a once-a-week regular shift, or be a regular “floater” who picks up a shift as your time permits.

Additional Need to Know Info for Volunteers

DUTIES: All volunteers are asked to tidy cubbies and scoop litter boxes as needed on their shifts. The cats are fed on the opening and closing shifts, and they are extremely appreciative of the folks on those shifts. Young kittens may also need a mid-day wet food meal. The focus in the room is to provide a safe, healthy environment for the cats, and to allow them as much time as possible out of their cages during the day. Playing with the cats, brushing them, cuddling them, and/or sitting in the cage and just talking with  the shy ones are all a vital part of keeping them comfortable in the adoption room and getting them ready for adoption.  The room is closed to visitors except by appointment. Appointments for potential adopters to meet the cats are scheduled on shifts with volunteers who feel comfortable interacting with the public and introducing them to the cats. 

TRAINING: Once we've found the time/right place for you, we will schedule an appointment in the adoption room for training. At that time we go over the basic cat care, procedures, and all of the mundane details of what is where in the room and how to find information you might need. There are handouts posted in the room with all of the information for cleaning, feeding, who to contact with issues, etc. Once you are on board and on the schedule, you will be invited into the volunteer Google group where volunteers post shift reports, communicate about coverage needs, and generally share information about the cats, processes, procedures, etc.

OTHER WAYS TO VOLUNTEER: If you aren't able to commit to a regular shift, perhaps you'd be up for transporting cats to or from the shelter occasionally, or to/from spay/neuter appointments locally, or helping set up our annual yard sale. Maybe you have skills in grant writing, or could sew blankets. Of course, we always need foster families. Whatever your skills, if you want to help the cats, we can use your help!  We host events to raise money for the cats, update our website, and engage the community to improve adopt and foster.  Your form information will help us match your need. 

All volunteers undertake their duties with the understanding that they are responsible for their own welfare as a volunteer for the adoption room. They are not volunteering under the auspices or direction of Lynnwood PetSmart or Adams County Pet Rescue.


Tera and Hazel 

We have volunteered together since July 2023.

We first found WIN after we adopted our kittens elsewhere, but went to PetSmart for supplies. My daughter really wanted to volunteer with WIN so I initially signed up because of her, but soon all the kittens penetrated my heart too and we both love going to spend time with them each week! 

Sue- our founder

Sue has been volunteering since 2010 and is dedicated to saving cats - one at a time.

Lou - celebrating  10 years of service

I volunteer so that I do not adopt more cats...I have 4!

Janna - celebrating 8 years of service

I was shopping for cat food and stopped to watch the kittens romp around in the adoption room when I noticed the volunteer information.  I contacted our lead, Sue, and signed up.   

Kathy - Celebrating 2 years of service

I started in April 2022. I wanted to volunteer for a rescue since both my previous pair and my current pair of cats came from a rescue. I enjoy helping out and getting to play with the cats in our care every week.  

Karen - joined our team 8 months ago

I am a retiree with a lifetime love of cats and wanted to contribute by helping care for those waiting for adoption. .

Diana and Perry Mason

 I’ve been volunteering with cats for 10 years. Perry was adopted from Adams County  Pet Rescue.