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Established in 2019, Whiskers In Need manages the adoption room at the Lynnwood PetSmart where ACPR is the official shelter partner.  Our dedicated team of volunteers support cats arriving from Adams County Pet Rescue (ACPR) and provides excellent care while they await their forever homes.  ACPR receives 100% of adoption fees, while Whiskers In Need is 100% supported by donations.

PetSmart provides a safe space for the cats to live and meet potential adoptors while waiting for their forever homes. Food, medical, and support items (blankets, toys, treats) can be donated directly by visiting our Wish List (Amazon and Chewy).  You can also support us via PayPal Donation.

Whiskers in Need is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for cats awaiting homes.  

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Whiskers In Need (WIN) came into being in February of 2019. When the former shelter partner at the Lynnwood PetSmart withdrew from the adoption room that January, the core volunteers chose to stay at the Lynnwood location and look for a new shelter to support. The high traffic location, strong support of PetSmart management and staff, plus the highly committed volunteers made it an ideal location to care for and showcase cats for adoption.

Eventually the group connected with Adams County Pet Rescue (ACPR) in Othello, Washington. ACPR was thrilled to partner with volunteers skilled in socializing semi-feral, shy, or withdrawn cats, as well as managing kittens and cats of all ages, including those with special needs. With the shelter on the other side of the mountains managing a multitude of dogs, cats, and other animals on a tight budget, folks associated with the Lynnwood adoption room committed to covering the everyday expenses including medical care for the cats in their care and thus Whiskers In Need was born.

The adoption room reopened in February 2019 with 7 spaces available to house cats. Since then, WIN has expanded into fostering for ACPR, caring for orphaned kittens of all ages, some as young as 24 hours old, as well as mothers with kittens,  kittens/cats recovering from major injuries and/or surgeries, and stressed/scared cats in need of a quiet home environment. At any given time during kitten season there can be upwards of 50 kittens in foster care. 

While ACPR remains our primary partner, WIN also works with local trappers in taking friendly, semi-feral, or feral kittens for socialization and adoption; places neonates from Dave Buster Rescue in Yakima with our skilled bottle fosters; and takes cats or kittens through other rescue groups and private individuals as we are able. 

The heart and soul of the organization are our volunteers. The goal for the adoption room is to have someone there from 8AM to 8PM every day. That's 42 two-hour shifts a week! In addition, dedicated foster families take cats and kittens into their homes and volunteer to care for them short and long term.  Volunteers also fund-raise, sew blankets, maintain our social media sites, transport cats and supplies all over the area, among other things. You can click here for  Volunteering Information!

1 in 3 households in the USA have at least 1 cat. 

Did you know cats can jump six times their height?

Kittens will start walking around 3 weeks old.

Cats are nearsighted, but have great peripheral and night vision.