Foster volunteers generously open not just their hearts but their homes to kitties in need. They might take in a kitty for a day or two on an on-call/emergency basis, raise kittens for weeks or even months until they are old enough to seek their forever homes, or give a scared or needy adult sanctuary while they adjust to losing their home and coming into the shelter.

The WIN foster network takes in pregnant mamas, newborn bottle babies, older kittens with and without mamas, as well as senior, traumatized, post-op, or super shy adults. Most of our foster kitties come from ACPR, our shelter partner, but a few find their way to us as direct owner surrenders via the internet or by connection to a WIN volunteer/supporter.

We try to support our foster families in every way possible: providing wet/dry food, formula, litter, supplies such as syringes/nipples for bottle feeding, covering the costs of vet visits/medications and being there with emotional support and a listening ear. Of course, some fosters choose to cover some or all of those costs as part of supporting the WIN cats, helping us care for even more cats.

We have a private FaceBook page where fosters can share pictures, tips, seek advice, discuss issues or relevant topics, and network within an understanding and caring community.

If you are interested in fostering, please Contact Us